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Best Leader Financial Group is a cross-regional enterprise providing professional financial services, focusing on insurance, precious metals and foreign exchange investment services. The Group's business has continued to expand while customers has continued to increase. The business network has covered the Greater China region and Southeast Asia. We actively improve customer service standards and provide more professional financial management. Our products and services focus more on the sustainable development and diversification of the trading business, providing a comprehensive online trading platform, an instant quotation system, along with the most updated global market information. We are keen to integrate the advantages of our business, adjust market strategies frequently, and focus more on the future direction of development in order to meet the keen demand of global financial markets for derivatives investment. More importantly, we uphold the customer-first principle of service, and actively recruit more professionals with banking, financial investment, wealth management experiences, and other dedication to provide valued financial services to valued companies and independent investment customers.


The main companies of Best Leader Financial Group are as follows:


Best Leader Markets Pty Limited

Best Leader Markets Pty Limited is a financial services provider recognized by the governments of Australia and New Zealand (registered license numbers: ASIC AFSL No.: 338961; FSP463626). Best Leader Markets Pty Limited continuously improves its service level and provides a wide range of trading products, including foreign exchange, precious metals and CFDs, to provide customers with a comprehensive online trading platform, real-time quote system, and the latest global market information.

Best Leader Precious Metals Limited

Best Leader Precious Metals Limited is a registered member of the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Exchange Society (Membership No. 008) and is classified as AA class. It mainly provides institutional


Customer Hotline  400-8423-606

Service Time:9:00  -  23:30(Transaction Day)

Best Leader Markets Pty Ltd is the Fully Disclosed Broker of Interactive Brokers.

“Blue Whale Brokers” is the brand name of Best Leader Markets Pty Ltd.

Customer Hotline 400-8423-606

Service Time:9:00  -  23:30 (Transaction Day)

藍鯨證券是盈透證券(Interactive Brokers)的全披露經紀商(Fully Disclosureed Broker)。