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In order to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access and use, we will take security measures required by law, including: computer protection, encryption files, and secure office settings. Unless required by laws and regulations, we will not disclose personal, non-public information to third parties. For example, we may disclose or report this type of information for other reasons: when it is necessary to authorize, complete, supervise or execute a transaction that you request or authorize; maintain and supervise your account; provide you with account confirmation, billing And records; maintaining proper records of records; when we believe that disclosure is required under the corresponding laws, rules or regulations; working with law enforcement agencies or regulatory or self-regulatory organizations; implementing our customer agreements and other agreements; meeting our responsibilities Or protect our rights and property.

Customer Hotline  400-8423-606

Service Time:9:00  -  23:30(Transaction Day)

Best Leader Markets Pty Ltd is the Fully Disclosed Broker of Interactive Brokers.

“Blue Whale Brokers” is the brand name of Best Leader Markets Pty Ltd.

Customer Hotline 400-8423-606

Service Time:9:00  -  23:30 (Transaction Day)

藍鯨證券是盈透證券(Interactive Brokers)的全披露經紀商(Fully Disclosureed Broker)。