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1. Blue Whale Brokers uses Interactive Brokers as the 3rd party clearance and settlement channels.  Client’s assets are entrusted in accounts at the clearance banks, such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank.


2. Incoming third-party wires will be rejected and returned.


3. For international wire transfers, a fee may be charged by intermediate banks.

Contact Blue Whale Brokers customer service hotline for more information.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Customer Hotline  400-8423-606

Service Time:9:00  -  23:30(Transaction Day)

Best Leader Markets Pty Ltd is the Fully Disclosed Broker of Interactive Brokers.

“Blue Whale Brokers” is the brand name of Best Leader Markets Pty Ltd.

Customer Hotline 400-8423-606

Service Time:9:00  -  23:30 (Transaction Day)

藍鯨證券是盈透證券(Interactive Brokers)的全披露經紀商(Fully Disclosureed Broker)。